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Outrigger Shuttle Valve (10042/10054) The outrigger shuttle valv e ( 10 ) is attached to the main control valv e ( 11 ) with a straight fitting ( 12 ) . The shuttle valve joins the outrigger load sense line ( 13 ) and the steer/brake load sense line ( 14 ) and selects the higher signal to feed to the main control valve shuttle line. Jul 28, 2017 · When diagnosing an issue, or showing off your tractor or implement, it's important to add images so we all know what you're talking about. Especially when it comes to issues and repairs it's important to include as many images as possible to help our members diagnose your issue.

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a load-sensing control unit, allowing generation of only as much pressure as needed on the press cylinder. This means that ma - ximum pressure is not generated in the cylinder with the lesser load; consequently during bending, significantly less drive out-put is required and hydraulic fluid heats up less. when the load pressure is transferred through the PDCV to chambers D, E and C so load pressure (pE) can act on the shuttle valve and then into the LSG line. surfaces A3 and A1 in chamber C: as a result spool SP1 moves to the left preventing backflow while spool SP2 shifts to the 5.The PDCVs’ functioning

daf xf lf cf ebs axle modulator/ load sensing valve 4801030430. eur 682.78 ... land rover discovery 2 abs shuttle valve modulator - new wabco oem valve. eur 43.26 Load sensing directional control valve VDP08 offers a load-independent flowcontrol (flowin each section depends only by the spool position and not by the load acting on any function), good meetering curves and chance of energy saving. Pressure pre-compensated Load-Sensing and Flow Sharing valves ; Hydraulic remote controls and Feed units ; Pneumatic remote controls ; Flexible cable remote controls ; Pumps & Motors. Aluminium gear Pumps ; Cast iron gear Pumps ; Aluminium gear Motors ; Cast iron gear motors ; Special configuration ; Gear flow dividers ; Compact Hydraulics. SAE cavity cartridges valves

The load-signal gallery in the directional control valve connects the A and B ports of each of the control valve sections through a series of shuttle valves. This ensures that the actuator with the highest load pressure is sensed and fed back to the pump. Load sense valve Variable piston pump is an axial piston pump that varies the pressure and flow required to meet individual systems immediate oil pressure and flow requirements. Configurations of signal lines are used to relay pressure requirements to the variable flow pump block. accumulators and hydraulic valves. The load sense net-work depends on hydraulic control valves to regulate the demand of flow to each function. When developing your circuit, start with the basics of the load-sensing system. Direct-acting directional control valves can be used for several machine functions. ® The TDV100 is a closed center, load sensing, sectional control valve with pre-compensation. The TDV100 can be configured with 1 to 10 working sections and can be used either with fixed displacement or with pressure/flow compensated variable displacement pumps.

Load shuttle valve, ball-type with subplate mounting interface acc. to ISO 4401, DIN 24340 (CETOP 03) Sandwich plate design for use in vertical stacking assemblies ; Rapid response to changes in load direction ; Hardened precision parts ; Sharp-edged steel seats for dirt-tolerant performance ; Leak-free closing, suitable for fast cycling with long life of load sensing hydraulic systems used for improved efficiency and proportional control of mobile equipment. The basic design config-urations of directional control valves are described, together with typical system schematics and their characteristics. In par-ticular, application of load sensing systems to mobile aerial work platforms is ...

The load-signal gallery in the directional control valve connects the A and B ports of the control valve sections through a series of shuttle valves. This ensures the actuator with the highest load pressure is sensed and fed back to the pump control. To understand how the load-sensing pump and directional control valve operate together, consider a winch being driven through a manually actuated valve. 44150. p max 300 bar Q max 120 l/min. The BLS6 directional control valve is stackable and can be assembled up to 8 different proportional and on/off modules . Each module is equipped with a meter-in compensator that keep costant the flow, independently from load changes. Shuttle valves accept flow from two different sources and divert the highest pressure to a single outlet port. Shuttle valves are commonly used in Load Sensing circuits...

Sahana Engineering - Offering 3-Way Pressure Compensator, Spool-Type, Direct-Acting, Modular in Pune, Maharashtra. Read about company and get contact details and address. | ID: 21900004088 Anti-cavitation valves, maximum pressure relief valves, priority valves and “load sensing” priority valves built in the following series of gear pumps and motors: POLARIS, WHISPER, KAPPA, New KAPPA Compact Reduced overall dimensions Simplified plant design Wide choices of ports position Parker shuttle valves are screw-in type cartridge valves used in hydraulic systems as a pressure resolver. Uses include load sense type circuits or hot oil shuttle applications.

When more than one actuator is being powered multiple Sense line to the pump show the highest load requirement through Check or Shuttle Valves and lesser load circuits are wasting energy but usually at a lesser rate than with a pressure compensated only pump. Apr 04, 2020 · A similar cartridge valve could be Bosch-Rexroth OD53-10, schema differs slightly as regards the LS line, which as I understand is venting to tank with valve in neutral, otherwise similar, cf. scheme below: Another idea was using a 4/3 way propo valve and a shuttle valve between the A/B pressure lines to feed the LS signal into the priority valve.

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